Fishnlight.com was established in 2004
Fishnlight.com is the longest running underwater dock light company. With an electronics and product design background as well as being an avid angler the transition was easy. We designed underwater lights with features like no other. Finally, an underwater dock light emerged with a user friendly serviceable design in mind. This immediately set us apart from the rest. Being the first to produce the fully enclosed user serviceable lamp assembly moved us to create many more firsts. First to use the more efficient, more powerful Metal Halide lamp over the power hungry Mercury Vapor lamp. First to offer color options. First and only to offer mounting bracket options. Creator of “stray current technology” feature on every system. First to use custom molded parts. Fishnlight.com continues to improve current designs as technology and materials improve to bring to the market the absolute best products available.
Our products are made from materials and hardware to allow for longevity in harsh saltwater and fresh water environments.

Nothing Attracts Fish at Night…Like FishNLight!

Waterfront home and business owners find the beautifying glow the lights bring to their property is sometimes difficult to explain to someone unfamiliar with underwater lighting. Beautiful, awesome, unbelievable is typically used within their description.
Professional and amateur anglers alike use our products with great success. Several other industries such as clean water facilities, marine research, oil platforms and movie studios to name a few have used our products.

With 10k+ lights across the US and several countries, were nearly a household name among waterfront home owners, anglers and more importantly, fish everywhere!